Senior School

Senior School

Koo Wee Rup Secondary College offers a range of programs that cater for the aspirations of all senior students and their individual needs. These programs support students to be prepared for life after school, wherever that pathway may take them. Regardless of the course students choose, there comes an expectation, as a Koo Wee Rup Secondary College student, of performance and achieving their personal best. 

Pathways can include a range of subjects from the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), on and off-site Vocational Education and Training programs or the VCE Vocational Major.

When students enter the senior years of schooling, they can select a pathway they aspire to, within the parameters of school and VCAA guidelines. The process of subject selection can be exciting but also challenging at times so it is important that each student puts in the necessary research, planning and reflection, to find their own passion and identify the correct pathway options that will help them to reach their personal goals. The College has a structured pathways program in place to support students and parents during this journey.

Students should aim to select a pathway that will give them enjoyment and fulfilment as well as meeting the needs of any prerequisites for future aspirations. Although choosing the correct pathway and subjects is important, it is just one step towards their life beyond school. School, through their chosen pathway, is also about the capacity to learn and grow, to be creative, to problem solve, to show resilience in the face of setbacks, and, most importantly, to enjoy what they do every day.

Koo Wee Rup Secondary College students work hard, show self-discipline, collaborate with peers and staff, throughout their VCE studies, and are then rewarded with choice about their pathway options beyond secondary schooling.

In year 10 students complete a program based on the Victorian Curriculum and they may enter with a one year progress expectation. Students will complete a core program of English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, and Careers Education. The students may then choose up to four pathway subjects (electives) for the remainder of their course. Alternatively they may choose to complete a VET course instead of pathway subjects.

Pathway subjects available to the Year 10 students include the option of 6 month Year 10 subjects, possibly commencing a VET Course (reminder other than VET Music, no student unless doing a Vocational Major (VM), can complete a VET Course in Year 12) or possibly a VCE subject. 

Whilst students entering Year 10 are expected to have achieved a Year 9 standard for our Victorian Curriculum, we recognise that they may be above or below this standard. Teachers and support staff offer differentiated learning tasks with the aim of assisting students to progress throughout the school year.

The Victorian Certificate of Education  is normally a two-year course of study although there is no upper limit to the number of years a student can take to complete the certificate. Over the two years of VCE most full-time students at Koo Wee Rup Secondary College will have undertaken between 20 and 24 semester length units. Many students commence their VCE studies in Year 10. These units are credited to the student’s VCE or VCE Vocational Major. 

In Year 10 it is possible for a student to study ONE Unit 1-2 subject and / or a VCE VET subject (maximum of two if the student has completed SEAL and is completing VCE Mathematics) if they have been approved through the selection process. 

In Year 11 students study six Unit 1 subjects and six Unit 2 subjects of which English is compulsory, or a VCE VM program. Unit 1 is offered in the first semester and Unit 2 is offered in the second semester. Units 1 and 2 may be done separately or as a sequence. Students may change units mid-year providing there is room in other subjects, can be timetabled and appropriate paperwork has been completed. It is possible for a student to study ONE Unit 3- 4 subject and / or a VET subject (maximum of two if the student has completed SEAL and is completing VCE Mathematics) if they successfully completed Unit 1 and 2.

In Year 12 students study English or Literature plus four other subjects at Unit 3 and 4 level or a VCE Vocational Major program. Units 3 and 4 of all studies must be done as a sequence. Students cannot change units mid-year. Variations to the normal programs do exist. Some students study a VCE VET subject as part of their overall program. These students are usually absent on a Wednesday or a Friday. Some students, under the accelerated VCE program, study a VCE subject at Unit 1 and 2 level in their first year, and VCE subjects at Unit 3 and 4 level in their 2nd year of senior school.

KWRSC aspires to be the school of choice in Cardinia for On-Campus delivery of Vocational Education and Training Delivered to Secondary Students (VETDSS) and School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBAT) in 2023 and beyond.

Koo Wee Rup Secondary College aims to develop a relevant, financially viable and innovative VETDSS program to run within the College. This will ensure students can access high quality vocational offerings, which are consistent with VCAA requirements for the Senior Secondary Certificate programs but also meets the needs of the local labour market and encourages students to consider a Vocational pathway post school.

The benefits of delivering a range of VETDSS and SBAT options on campus at KWRSC include:

  • Reducing transport barriers for students to access VETDSS
  • Reduced costs.  The rising costs of TAFE delivery fees has put major stress on the school’s budget. Preliminary quotes show at least a 20% reduction in delivery fees when on-site.
  • Safety and wellbeing of our students. Many of our students do not take up VETDSS due to anxiety surrounding new environments and attending large providers, such as Chisholm.
  • The students will have the support they would normally have access to, including: aides, Wellbeing, and the Careers and Pathways team, on hand.
  • Ability for VCE students to include VETDSS as part of their program.
  • Some programs will deliver a student workforce to maintain and improve the school grounds, specifically the gardens, wetlands and agricultural area.

Our college plans to offer the below suite of VET courses on campus as a response to:

  • Student interest from their Career Action Plan processes.
  • Employment projections/Industry growth trends produced by the National Skills Commission to 2027 and beyond.
  • Identified skill shortages within several Local Government Areas including Dandenong, Casey and Cardinia shires.

Possible Future VET Courses:

  • Certificate III Allied Health 
  • Certificate II in Animal Studies
  • Certificate III Beauty
  • Certificate II in Building and Construction - (Substitute: Construction Pathways)
  • Certificate II in Electrotechnology
  • Cert II Horticulture
  • Certificate II in Kitchen Operations
  • Cert II Sport and Rec - Substitute: Certificate III Fitness (SBAT)

Victoria’s senior secondary education is changing.

From 2023, the new VCE Vocational Major will replace Intermediate and Senior VCAL. This means the VCE will recognise different students equally.

The new Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC) will replace Foundation VCAL.

Students will have more education choices, a higher-quality curriculum and better workplace experiences – preparing students for further study, training at TAFE or work.

Whatever the talent, students can now pursue it under one VCE.

The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) is Victoria’s senior secondary qualification. It opens pathways to university, higher-level TAFE or VET certificate courses, apprenticeships, traineeships and the workforce.

The VCE is expanding to include the Vocational Major, a 2-year vocational and applied learning program. It will replace the senior and Intermediate VCAL from 2023.

The VCE Vocational Major will develop students personal, and practical life skills. It will help to prepare students for the next important stage of their life.

The VCE Vocational Major offers a pathway into:

  • apprenticeships
  • traineeships
  • further education and training
  • university (through alternative entry programs)
  • Employment.

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Our school is located on the land of the Bunurong people of the Kulin Nation. As a school, we aim to embrace difference in its many forms. In culture, gender and religion. We ask you to respect everyone, yourself included.

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