Here at Koo Wee Rup Secondary College we endeavour to support our students’ creativity by offering a variety of Technology based subjects suited to all kinds of skill levels.

In year 7 students access Digital Technology where they embark on a learning pathway to develop the skills to create digital solutions to real world problems. Digital technology leads onto computing in year 9 and 10 and continues as Applied Computing at the VCE level. 

This subject includes both practical and theory components where students are introduced to the area of electronics. Practical activities in class allow students to develop their skills with basic fine motor skills.

Computing in year 9 computing students explore 2D animation development, data process as well as game design.  They use interactive software, Adobe Animate, to develop 2D animations in their learning with a focus on areas such as object movement, colour alteration and creating movie clips.

Game designing and programming is also a key component of the subject. Students will explore object-oriented programming languages such as Visual Basic or Python. Running and modifying programs, creating animation with coding as well as interpreting ideas of games are all explored.

Year 10 Computing offers an introduction to Applied Computing which is offered in VCE. Students explore various in-built computer applications as well as programming skills and network theory.

This is a ‘hands on’ skills-based subject where students work to a design brief and expand their understanding of design, construction and production of functional products using various fabrics and fibres. The subject emphasis is on developing design and construction skills and developing confidence and competency in using tools and equipment in the textiles workshop correctly and safely. 

Food Technology is both a practical and theoretical subject that aims to equip students with essential life skills. In junior levels students learn basic hygiene and safety skills that will assist them with the correct preparation of their own food items. They utilise the design process to investigate design briefs, create recipes and prepare food items. 

Skills developed at year 8 are further developed in year 9 and 10 Food Technology elective units. Food technology also leads to Food Studies at VCE level and VET hospitality – (Certificate II in Hospitality) which is offered from year 10 onwards.

Wood is predominantly a “hands on” project-based subject. Students use the design process to assist with the development of design options, manufacturing and evaluation of a range of woodwork projects. Students are introduced to a range of subject specific tools and equipment.

As with Food Technology, basic skills developed at year 8 are further developed in the year 9 and 10 materials design wood elective and these lead to further skill development at the VCE level. 

As students’ progress into year 9 and 10 a range of other Technology elective units are offered.

Our school is located on the land of the Bunurong people of the Kulin Nation. As a school, we aim to embrace difference in its many forms. In culture, gender and religion. We ask you to respect everyone, yourself included.

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