Excellence Program

Excellence Program

SEAL Program

Koo Wee Rup Secondary College SEAL Program caters for students who have above average academic ability and a high level of commitment to their schoolwork. SEAL students are included in annual programs designed to encourage their creativity and competitive nature. Some experiences include guest speakers, excursions and enrolment in extension based academic competitions.

The SEAL program focuses on maximising opportunities for academically talented students to excel by placing them in separate SEAL classes for English, mathematics and science; delivering the curriculum at a faster pace and more sophisticated level so that students can move ahead to work beyond their year level; and providing access to appropriate extension activities and excursions.

SEAL students are placed in separate classes for English, mathematics and science based on their academic achievement and are expected to maintain a level of achievement to remain in each class.  Achievement is monitored regularly through the use of college progress reports and semester reports.

This system differs from how SEAL has been run in the past, but it allows all students to access the program if their academic achievement indicates that they need this extension:

  • Students have the opportunity to work independently and cooperatively with other students of similar abilities and interests.
  • In their fourth year at KWRSC students have a number of pathways available to them, including advanced Year 10 studies, and VCE and VET subjects.
  • The majority of students enjoy the benefit of studying additional subjects in their VCE program to gain additional marks and greater confidence in tackling exams.
  • Students VCE courses could also include a University enhancement course.

The commitment of each student successful in being accepted into SEAL, is to maintain a ‘Victorian Curriculum B’ standard or above, in their identified area/s of acceleration/enhancement.

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Our school is located on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. As a school, we aim to embrace difference in its many forms. In culture, gender and religion. We ask you to respect everyone, yourself included.

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