Careers & Pathways

Careers & Pathways

Koo Wee Rup Secondary College employs the Careers Curriculum Framework (CCF) to help develop a local, custom and high-quality career development program for students in Year 7-12. At Koo Wee Rup Secondary College, we aim to deliver quality Career Education to ensure all of our students have access to high-quality career education and are prepared for life beyond school through more informed career and pathway decisions.

At KWRSC we aim to support students to set goals in the following areas throughout their career journey:

  • Self-development: young people understand themselves, build their experiences and achievements and develop their capabilities.
  • Career exploration: young people locate, investigate and consider opportunities in learning and future work options.
  •  Career management: young people make and adjust career action plans and manage their life choices, changes and transitions.

We want to ensure students are confident, capable and can successfully manage their careers by:

  • understanding their interests, strengths and aspirations
  • exploring how jobs and careers are changing, what work looks and feels like, and the range of opportunities available to them
  • deciding the subjects and qualifications that suit them best and reflect industry needs, to take them beyond school to TAFE, university or meaningful employment.

We achieve our Career Education targets through:

  • The development of a Career Action Plan each year
  • Individual Counselling
  • Career programs and workshops
  • Careers newsletters and updates
  • Work Experience and Structured Workplace Learning
  • Incursions and excursions
  • Access to the Senior School Expo onsite and Career Expos offsite

There is lots of information about VCE, VM, VET as well as work experience and structured work placement (for VM).  Students can set up their own account, where they can progress through activities which will help them identify their interests and potential careers pathways.  All students at KWRSC will register to create their own individualised account. This account stays with students for the life of their KWRSC journey.

The KWRSC Careers Team are experienced, qualified and here to support your child with their careers and pathways questions. 

  • Careers Pathways Leader – Liz Miller
  • VET/SWL Coordinator and Career Practitioner – Kylie Borchers
  • VASS Administrator – Catherine Villella

The KWRSC Careers Team are experienced, qualified and here to support your child with their careers and pathways questions.

HEADSTART is a unique DET program which offers accelerated students the opportunity to start their apprenticeship or traineeship while they are at school.  Not for the faint hearted, there are strict guidelines to be accepted into this program and interested students would need a high level of maturity and commitment.

Through a flexible learning program students can attend their workplace a minimum of one day per week in Year 10 and two days per week in Year 11 and Year 12. 

We are lucky enough to have Mrs Jody Yandle working with us in the Careers Centre most Thursdays of each term.  She is an Industry Co-ordinator for HEADSTART Apprenticeships & Traineeships.

Jody is highly qualified in supporting and mentoring students to ensure they are successful, both in their apprenticeship/traineeship, as well as their schoolwork.  The great advantage in this program is that successful students will gain a Year 12 certificate as well as a solid start on their apprenticeship (perhaps even finish a traineeship) and gain a significant amount of experience in the workplace.

For more information on the HEADSTART program, please contact Jody Yandle via email at

Our school is located on the land of the Bunurong people of the Kulin Nation. As a school, we aim to embrace difference in its many forms. In culture, gender and religion. We ask you to respect everyone, yourself included.

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