Meet the Team

Meet the Team

PCE - Principal Class Executives

The Principal leads the College wide Vision and Values and drives whole school change and development. This is guided by the College’s School Strategic Plan (SSP) and the Annual Implementation Plan (AIP).

The Principal oversees the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO 2.0) alignment of the College and is also responsible for building leadership teams and accountability in maintaining the College wide focus that every decision is based on student wellbeing, engagement and achievement.

Oversees: AIP and SSP, Teaching and Learning, Literacy and Numeracy, curriculum policies, assessment and reporting, Professional Learning Community/Domains, data and professional learning.

Oversees: AIP and SSP, Teaching and Learning, Student Wellbeing; co-curricular programs; sub school Years 10 to 12; VCE transition/pathways, MIPS; VCAL, VCAA, Virtual school 10 to 12, and VASS.

Oversees: AIP and SSP; Teaching and Learning, school wide Vision and Values; whole school consistency, transitions and universal approaches to student climate and management; sub school Years 7 to 9; Virtual school 7 to 9; staffing and staff induction; staff wellbeing; student engagement and inclusion policies and documentation.

Oversees: Day to day business transactions regarding finance and management including establishing and maintaining the budget, and provide administrative support for all staff including school council. Evaluates operational efficiency with regard to College resources, and manages procedures relating to employee relations issues including human resource planning.

Leadership Team


Staff Member

Leading Teacher - Year 7 Learning Community Leader

Yvette Gavalovic

Year 7 Coordinators

Alasdair Campbell

Sam Scott

Leading Teacher - Year 8 Learning Community Leader

Caitlin Cornaggia

Year 8 Coordinators

Katie Lowrie

Kristy Cusack

Leading Teacher - Year 9 Learning Community Leader

Ben Verbi

Year 9 Coordinators

Cristie Wilson

Leading Teacher - Year 10 Learning Community Leader

Joanna Anketell

Leading Teacher - Year 10

Heather Southgate

Year 10 Coordinator

Will Macrokanis

Leading Teacher - Year 11 Learning Community Leader

Sarah Constantine

Year 11 Coordinator

Sarah Raison

Leading Teacher - Year 12 Learning Community Leader

Tania Miller

Year 12 Coordinator

Jarryd Palser

Leading Teacher - Teaching and Learning

Sally Markham

Leading Teacher - Pedagogy and Innovation

Tommy Olden

Leading Teacher - Student Wellbeing

Kylie Wenzel

Leading Teacher - Pathways and Partnerships

Elizabeth Miller

Leading Teacher - Compass and Timetable

Jo Huffer

Leading Teacher - Student Engagement and Hands On Learning

Coco Pinnis

Learning Specialist - Maths Domain

Steve Schaper

Learning Specialist - English Domain

Emma Williams

Learning Specialist - Literacy


Learning Specialist - Student Voice and Agency

Nicola Power

Learning Specialist - Staff Development

Sam Scott

Learning Leader - Arts

Ben Sheers

Learning Leader - Health and PE

Tania Hamilton

Learning Leader - Humanities

Nicola Power

Learning Leader - Science

Katrina Brown

Learning Leader - Technology and LOTE

Sally Markham

Learning Leader - VCE Vocational Major

Crystal Meyer

Middle Years Literacy and Numeracy Support - Literacy


Middle Years Literacy and Numeracy Support - Numeracy

Joe Hazeldene

Positions of Responsibility


Staff Member

Excellence Program Leader

Nicola Power

House Coordinator

Beth Montgomery

Instrumental Music Coordinator

Martin King

Pastoral Care Leader

Kate Thompson

Production and Music Festival Coordinator (Biennial)

Martin King

Sustainability Coordinator

James Page

Wellbeing Coordinator

Lauren Jovic

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Our school is located on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. As a school, we aim to embrace difference in its many forms. In culture, gender and religion. We ask you to respect everyone, yourself included.

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