Our English curriculum is structured to allow students to experience and develop a strong foundation of skills and knowledge across the three core strands of Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening. There is an emphasis on the development of critical thinking, which is built into all three core strands, and for students to develop agency in themselves as learners. 

At all year levels, students will be presented with a range of opportunities to learn with consideration of their skill and knowledge entry points, so that all are afforded the opportunity of success.  A central aim of our English curriculum is that students are literate and increasingly able to meaningfully contribute to their societies through a study of language and texts.  

In English, students learn to read and write about themselves, their communities, and the world through literary, multimodal, media and everyday texts. 

The English domain aims to create a culture where success is sought and valued. Every year level participates in the annual Blackfish Oratory Competition. The Greg Needham Poetry Competition is also held each year and students are encouraged to submit their own poetry in forms they choose and on themes that they personally find rewarding. Guest speakers and live performances are a valuable part of the curriculum, bringing the real world to the classroom and these are featured, when possible and relevant, to bring concepts, ideas and texts alive. 

Each year the English domain offers electives that pertain to the subject. Currently at Year 9, students are offered Children’s Literature where, as well as having the opportunities to experiment with written and oral responses in a range of formats, each student produces a children’s book of their own. At Year 10, students can select from Cinema Studies, Writers’ Workshop and Literature. Cinema Studies includes the process of film making, including techniques used by film makers, understanding storytelling on the screen, exploring language used for reviewing films and exploring development of film genres over time. The Writers’ Workshop elective is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop their creative writing potential by exploring different styles of creative writing as well as the skills and techniques used to develop a quality piece of creative writing, with an emphasis on student choice and interests.  In choosing Literature, students delve into different areas of literature including: poetry, novels, short stories and plays. They individually and collectively read and analyse a wide range of genres and forms, responding both orally and in writing.  At VCE there is the option to study English, Literature, or both as part of the program. 

The English curriculum is designed to be accessible and yet challenging, promoting the growth of skills for each individual.

Our school is located on the land of the Bunurong people of the Kulin Nation. As a school, we aim to embrace difference in its many forms. In culture, gender and religion. We ask you to respect everyone, yourself included.

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