The College is a uniform school. Students are expected to be dressed in the appropriate College uniform at all times.

If students are unable to wear part of their uniform on a certain day, they must provide an explanatory note signed by a parent/guardian and obtain a uniform pass from their Learning Community. Students who do not follow the policy will receive lunchtime detention each day they are out of uniform. Persistent problems will lead to parent contact and further consequences.

When  students are temporarily unable to wear part of the uniform and have an approved note, they are not allowed to wear hoodies or thongs as replacement items.

Any families with financial difficulties in providing uniform should see the Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator.

For the uniform policy, please click on the link: Uniform Policy

‘Uniforms by Design’ is the retailer which sells the KWRSC uniform.

Opening Hours

Tuesdays:  8:30am – midday

Thursday:  12:30pm – 4:00pm

Friday:      12:30pm – 4:00pm

Saturday   9:00am – midday

For a full list of uniform items and prices, please click on the link: KWRSC PRICE LIST 2020