Year 10 Outdoor Education – Two Bays Walking Trail

The Year 10 Outdoor Education students explored the Two Bays Walking Trail Thursday 1st of June, located along the Mornington Peninsula. This overnight hike provided students with the opportunity to engage in real-world applications of classroom learning, including developing the skills required to hike, pack, cook and provide shelter in the outdoors, as well developing knowledge of indigenous relationships with Bunurong land and analysing coastal environments.



Year 11 Outdoor Education – Hardrock Climbing

On Wednesday 31st of May, the Year 11 Outdoor Education students navigated the public transport system into the Melbourne CBD to Hardrock Climbing, for the ultimate climbing experience.
After the morning of recreational indoor climbing, students investigated outdoor gear stores on Little Bourke Street to consider equipment and protective wear required to climb safely, and how this equipment has advanced over time and potentially altered how people experience the outdoors. It was such a successful day, leaving students with some fantastic experiences to use to support their classroom learning.

Year 11 Study Skills Seminar

On Wednesday 7th June, Year 11s attended a Study Skills for Success program that aimed to give students the motivation, organisational systems, study habits and resilience required to achieve academic success. The presentation captivated students as the guest speaker and accompanying live DJ were highly engaging.

The message to remember:

B – Belief

E – Excellence

S – Study

T – Toughness


Year 11 Chemistry

Year 11 Chemistry students had a great time investigating combustion reactions by lighting methane bubbles, causing them to react with the oxygen in the air. Methane is lighter than air, so when it burns it instantly rises off your hands so that they don’t burn.





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