50K in May

Our Year 11 VCE Vocational Major students were participating in 50k in May as part of their Personal Development Skills studies (along with a number of our wonderful staff).

Together we walked/ran/rode a total of 4016.75km and raised $2856 towards Multiple Sclerosis.

Thank you to everyone involved by walking/running/riding and/or donating!

Rubbish Warriors

For the VCE VM Personal Development Unit, students have been given the task of creating a community-based project. These Rubbish Warriors evaluated the College around them and were moved by the amount of pollution created by lunch wrappers and other forms of litter. Inspired by the SRC Clean Up the Rup days they took it one step further to encourage a class from Year 7 to help them clean up the school. The students reached out to Jo from the East Pakenham Bunnings with their proposal of community work and were kindly supplied with gloves, buckets, and tongs. Bunnings even threw in their trade mark wicker hats for sun protection.

We would like to say a HUGE thank you Bunnings for supporting our students with your donations!



Our Rubbish Warriors pictured left to right: Joanne Jones,  Joshua Hall, Hayden Stewart, Ashton Koffman and absent Ayden Peachey.


State Emergency Service Education Visit

Students in Year 10 are completing a STEM unit on natural disasters. As part of their learning, we invited Bernie, Sarah, and Miranda to present and answer questions regarding natural hazards that occur in our local area, (mainly flooding,) to expand students’ understanding of these potential disasters.


Year 11 Chemistry

Our Year 11 Chemistry class participated in a colourful experiment covering the topics of redox, colour change, and chemical change.

The reaction shows Manganese, a metal, changing colour as a series of chemical reactions occur between the Manganes, and Sugar base in a flask.

The first couple of reactions happen very quickly, as the solution changes from purple to blue, to green, then more slowly turns to yellow then orange and brown.

Adding more manganese makes the reaction go backwards until all the sugar is used up.

You can view this experiment on our social media pages, Facebook and Instagram.



Year 11 VCE VM Shark Tank Presentations

Year 11 VCE Vocational Major Shark Tank presentations were held earlier this month. Students were allowed to showcase their entrepreneurial skills as they presented their Shark Tank business pitches to a panel of teachers.

To enhance their presentations and effectively communicate their business plans/ideas, students were encouraged to bring a ‘prototype’ of their product or concept.
This experience is not only an exciting opportunity for students to demonstrate their innovative communication skills, but it is also essential for their successful progression towards Satisfactory completion within the Learning Outcomes of their Vocational Major Unit 2 course.


Year 12 Art Making & Exhibiting Excursion – Monash University

On the 26th of July Year 12 students studying Art Making and exhibiting travelled to Monash University to view the exhibition ‘Thin Skin’ at MUMA. It was a fantastic informative experience with an in-depth tour and explanation about the curation and techniques of setting up an exhibition. It was also an opportunity to hear about conservation techniques and see them in practice. Students were able to explore some of the University art studios and visit the smaller adjunct gallery associated with the art design and architecture faculty. It was a coincidence that Orientation week was being held at the same time, so some students took the opportunity to explore the clubs and support available to Monash University students at lunchtime and collect some cool free stuff.


Year 12 VCE Vocational Major

During Term 2, our Vocational Major classes studied Cultural Diversity as a unit for their Personal Development subject. Throughout this, the students were encouraged to be open-minded to gain further knowledge about the unique differences between other countries compared to Australia. For a certain part of the learning experience, the VM students were required to pair up to create a cuisine originating from another country. Beforehand, much time was spent researching to find the perfect dish to put together within the expected criteria. From American-style hot dogs to rice paper rolls, most students went above and beyond with their cooking, handing out a neatly presented cuisine to taste test. They were swift in cleaning up, leaving their cooking spaces spotless whilst enjoying a freshly cooked snack. 

Written by Tayla Zubcic 125

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