The following information outlines the College payments for 2020.

ESSENTIAL STUDENT LEARNING ITEMS– These materials we ask Parents/Guardians to pay as they are essential to support the instruction of the curriculum programs we provide. The payment ensures that the College is able to offer high quality programs and facilities for all students.

OPTIONAL EXTRAS- These are items provided in addition to the standard curriculum program and are offered to all students.  They are provided on a user-pays basis and if parents/guardians choose to access for students, they will be required to pay for them.

VOLUNTARY FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTIONS- Parents/Guardians are invited to make a donation to the College for a Building or Site Improvement fund.  (Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible).

ELECTIVES – Students are offered a variety of Elective’s programs to choose from.  The costs will vary over the year levels. This payment will ensure your student’s placement.

VET- Students are offered a variety of VET subjects. The costs will vary and will need to be confirmed.

To see the charges and payment methods for each year level and course, click on the appropriate link below:

2020 College Charges Year 7

2020 College Charges Year 8

2020 College Charges Year 9

2020 College Charges Year 9 Advance Program Class 902

2020 College Charges Year 10

2020 College Charges Year 10 VCAL

2020 College Charges Year 11

2020 College Charges Year 11 VCAL

2020 College Charges Year 12

2020 College Charges Year 12 VCAL

College Council continually reviews fees and charges as requested from parents each year. We are very conscious of keeping the costs to parents as low as possible. For more information about the parent payment policy, please click on this link: Parent Payment Policy

If you have a current Centrelink health care card you are eligible to apply for CSEF, for more information please see the Department of Education and Training Website.

The College can arrange assistance with payment arrangements to support families.

Prompt payment will ensure students of Koo Wee Rup Secondary College will receive the very best education and facilities that they deserve.

Please contact the college on 59 971 444 if you have a question or query.