The Kooweerup College Council normally meets the fourth Tuesday of each month in term time at 6pm in the Conference room. A light supper is provided.



President:  Mr Chris David
Vice President: Ms Rachel Davis
Treasurer: Mrs Andrea Stone

Minute Secretary: Joy Denison

Principal — Executive Officer:
Mr Felix Patton (Acting Principal)


  • Mr Chris David
  • Miss Rachel Davis
  • Mrs Andrea Stone
  • Mrs Megan Humphrys
  • Ms Lisa Van Dord
  • Ms Illona Brzezowski


  • Ms Celia Bertei
  • Mrs Jenny Herbert
  • Miss Leonie McGinley
  • Mrs Margaret Nicolson


  • Miss Maddyson Finlay-Smith
  • Mr  Thomas Close


  • Buildings and Grounds: meets as required
  • Finance: meets the week before of the Council meeting
  • Camps: meets when required at 4pm  before the start of the Council meeting
  • Canteen: meets as required
  • Uniform: meets as required


The Kooweerup Secondary College Council operates within the School Council Regulations set down in the Education Act and under the umbrella of Department of Education policies and guidelines.


  • The following principles will provide a framework for the operations of Council.
  • A positive image of the College will be promoted.
  • The learning needs of students and the needs of staff will be the focus of decision making.
  • Where appropriate the view of staff, students and parents will be canvassed and consensus be the preferred decision making option.
  • Confidentiality will be maintained when required with respect to discussions concerning employees.
  • Loyalty to the College, its Charter, Principal and staff will be expected.
  • Council will develop and approve policy that is consistent with the goals and priorities of the charter. It is the role of the Principal to implement policy.
  • Public comment will be the responsibility of the Council President, the Principal or their nominee.
  • Members of College Council will be informed of their roles and responsibilities.
  • The Council will be responsible for allocating the resources allocated to the College through an Annual Program Budget.


  • The following practices will apply to the operations of Council.
  • Council will meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6.30pm (except during school holidays) or when required.
  • All Councillors are expected to serve on at least one Sub-Committee.
  • Council Sub-Committees include – Finance, Education/Policy, Buildings and Grounds, Canteen.
  • Council may convene extra Sub-Committees to deal with particular issues as required.
  • The Principal will act as Executive Officer and ensure that an Agenda is prepared in advance of each meeting.




2013-14 G. Cox
2011-12 J.Bennett
2009-10 G. Broderick
2007-09 S. Sutton
2004-07 S. Halligan
2000-04 J. Giles
1997-99 J. Wilson
1994-97 L. C. Oliver
1992-94 J. T. Huntingford
1989-92 E. M. Harris
1987-89 C. G. Fisher
1985-87 J. H. Glasscock
1982-85 G. King
1981-82 J. A. Leighton
1979-81 R. R. Kennebury
1974-79  Cr. K. W. Emmett
1971-74 S. M. Patullo
1964-71 B. L. Broadbent
1957-63 Dr A. B. Hewitt