COMPASS – our data information system

The following information is stored on COMPASS:

  • Contact information – parents can go on COMPASS and update this if needed
  • Attendance data – parents can check their child’s attendance and also approve absences online
  • School reports – all reports for the last three years are stored here
  • Learning Tasks -shows you the main work set for classes and work can be printed off.

Excursions and camps can also be approved through COMPASS.

To access the Compass School Manager Parent Portal, please click on this logo: compassmediumlogo



The College Council has approved the following changes to the College Uniform policy.
From the start of 2018,
• students will only be allowed to wear socks which are TOTALLY black or TOTALLY white. No wording or logo on the socks will be allowed.
• All students must wear the new style of PE top in navy blue and gold with the College logo

Boys: Totally black leather lace up shoes that must take polish and must have a heel. (Boots, desert boots, black runners and platform shoes are not acceptable. ‘Runner style’ shoes are not acceptable.)

Girls: Totally black T-bar shoes or totally black leather lace up shoes that must take polish and must have a heel.

(Boots, desert boots, black runners and platform shoes are not acceptable. ‘Ballet’ style shoes and ‘Runner style’ shoes are not acceptable.)

We have noticed that some of the boys, especially at the senior end, are wearing the wrong style of grey shorts. The policy states that boys are to wear grey tailored SCHOOL shorts (fabric is normally Polyester/Viscose Melange). Shorts must be above the knee in length. Cargo style is not acceptable. ‘Short’ shorts are not acceptable, especially the pale grey lightweight cotton shorts which are presently fashionable or the chino style shorts.

As part of our Sunsmart policy all students are reminded that in term 4 they must wear a navy blue hat for outdoor PE classes and for sports training.


EduNet (supplier)

EduNet is a technology supply company, specialising in devices for schools. Located close by in Mornington, EduNet is dedicated to providing affordable and suitable devices that withstand student use over multiple years. They are the preferred option of the College for device purchases and provide exceptional service and support.

Benefits of purchasing through EduNet
• A range of devices selected by the College are available (Mac and PC)
• Devices are suited to student usage
• Optional 3-year onsite warranty (guarantees 3 years of device life)
• College technicians will assist with all warranty claims
• Devices are repaired or replaced onsite within days of a claim
• Payment plans and options are available
• Easily contactable for any queries
• Online purchasing makes ordering simple
• The College receives and sets up devices, ready to use out of the box

Accessing the EduNet portal
Use the link below to access the portal, in order to explore device and payment options:
Use the access code: KWRSC2018

Phone: (03) 9708 8700


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