Term 3 – Spring Holiday Information

Please note the following information regarding the last day of Term 3, Friday 15th of September:

Administration Hours of Operation beginning Term 4:

Blackfish Magazine 2022

There are still quite a few families who have paid for a College Magazine and are yet to collect them.

Please contact Administration if you think this may be you!

Alternatively, students can collect their copy from the Administration:


Compass Identity Card

The Student ID card or Compass ID Card can be used for signing IN and OUT of the Kiosk when arriving late or departing early, checking your schedule on the Kiosk after signing in, printing and photocopying, and is a valid form of proof of entitlement, allowing students to access concession fares.

Bringing together your Compass ID cards with public transport concession cards saves time and money for students and parents, and it means students only require one card. This means you can use your Compass Card to access unlimited transport on all public transport wholly within Victoria by selecting and purchasing a Victorian Student Pass.

Your Student ID Card can also be used for an array of concessions including:

Lost your Compass ID Card?

By selecting the Cog icon (Tools menu) on the top right-hand side corner of your screen, follow the prompts to order a replacement card.

Please see the diagram for step-by-step instructions.


Early Departure and Late Arrivals

If students need to leave the College during the school day, they must have permission from a parent/guardian for staff to verify. This can be accomplished in different ways:

If a student arrives late to school, they must use the Compass Kiosk at Administration to sign in by selecting the Green Login Button or by scanning their Student ID card. To explain, parents will need to add an Attendance Note on Compass to approve this absence. The slip printed can be given to the teacher on arrival to class.

An alert from Compass will be sent to families of any student absence that was not noted before 11 AM, requiring parent approval. If an Absence Notification is received, please contact the College for clarification.

Your relevant Learning Community Support Administrator will make contact via Compass, email and or telephone for all unexplained absences. Further advice, information, and instruction can be found in Compassthe  Parent Guide.

Noone Imagewear

Noone Imagewear is having a sale.

The following items have been reduced to $10, while stocks last.


Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on Thursday 14th of September from 12 PM – 7 PM.

This day is a Pupil Free Day and students are not required at school this day.

Bookings for the conferences will be available to reserve via Compass on Friday the 1st of September by selecting Conferences.

Please keep an eye on the Compass Newsfeed for more information regarding these interviews, closer to the date.


Progress Reports – Cycle 3

2023 Progress Reports Cycle 3 and 2023 KWRSC Engage Program Progress Reports are now open for viewing. These can be accessed via the Reports tab in Compass.

Please refer to the Work Habits Rubric to understand the report elements.

School Bus Travel

Student Dress Code Policy

At the beginning of the term, the College released an updated Student Dress Code Policy to provide information about uniform purchase and support, dress code, implementation and exemption processes.

This Policy was developed by the College Council in close consultation with our school community to ensure that it respects the rights of individual students whilst reflecting the values and interests of our community.

A copy can be obtained on our Website under the Document Resource Centre, or via the Compass Newsfeed.

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