In 2002, the College introduced the Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) Program for incoming Year 7 students. The program caters for students who have above average academic ability and a high level of commitment to their school work. Students who are suited to this program have great intellectual curiosity; a passion for learning both at and outside of school; are keen to accept a challenge; and are capable of working independently.

Students still mix with other students of their year level for sport, camps and community activities. However, when they study their academic program they are all in the same class with students of similar abilities and interests.

What do they study?

The Year 7 – 10  curriculum in English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Commerce, PE, Health and Italian will be covered in three years. In their first and second years, the SEAL students will undertake Art and Technology subjects as a class in the same way as  the other Year 7 and 8 students. In their third SEAL year they will select a Year 9 Art and a Technology elective each semester and combine with other students from Year 9 for these subjects.

Who participates?

The program is not suitable for everyone. It is demanding and rewarding. There is a higher workload. Students who are suited to this program:

  • Are academically above average.
  • Have a great intellectual curiosity.
  • Are keen to accept a challenge and believe that they will meet it.
  • Are determined, positive and capable of independent learning.
  • May be “underachieving” academically or “bored” at the moment.
  • Are able to concentrate on, and persevere in, solving problems and pursuing interests.
  • Are prepared to apply themselves to their studies.
  • Have supportive families.

The program will be closely monitored and the progress of students will be reviewed every six months. Parents will be involved in the review. Students will be able to leave the program, after due consultation, and would then join their age group in the mainstream classes.

Please refer to the SEAL booklet for information about the program, application forms and key dates.


The Year 7,  8 and 9 SEAL classes are presently filled, but students can put down their interest in being considered for the program should a position become available.
The Year 10 SEAL class has available positions.

To express your interest in joining the SEAL program, simply email Karen Pain via with your name, contact details and your current year level.


In order to apply for the SEAL program in 2021, students must complete an application form and sit an entrance exam.

Students entering the SEAL program in 2021 will be selected based on a combination of the following:

  • formal testing based on the University of New South Wales’ placement exams
  • interviews with students and their parents/guardians
  • references and consultation with their primary school teachers

The application form is in the SEAL information booklet, linked below.


In light of Victoria’s return to lockdown restrictions and remote learning, the scheduled SEAL entrance exam cannot take place. I apologise for any disruption and inconvenience this cancellation has caused.

As there will not be a return to usual school operations before Year 7 offers for 2021 can be given on the 20th of August, new means of assessment will need to be used.

I am requesting that all applicants submit their NAPLAN results for Grade 5 in 2019, by Friday the 24thof July. These results will be taken into account, along with the applications students have already submitted in determining suitability for the SEAL program. These results must be sent in their original form rather than being transcribed. This means either scanning or taking a photo of the NAPLAN results and sending them via email.

If you do not have or are unable to obtain your student’s NAPLAN results for 2019, please let me know via reply email.

If your students is selected for an interview, this will take place via video call or phone. Families will be contacted directly to organise these. If you have any concerns or questions about interviews or the selection process please hold these until the 1st of September as all information will be sent prior to that date.


Families who have applied for SEAL in 2021 will be contacted in late term 3 regarding their applications as soon as the results are available. These are marked externally.  Please do not contact the school with queries about your application status until this time. Families will also be notified when the selection process has been concluded.

For the information booklet, click this link: SEAL-INFORMATION-BOOKLET-FOR-2021a

Kind regards,
Karen Pain
SEAL Coordinator
Koo Wee Rup Secondary College