Dear Koo Wee Rup Secondary College community, 

This Saturday we commemorate ANZAC DAY. It will be a different day of reflection for us all and for our colleagues and friends in the various services. 

As a College we say thank you to all who have served or are serving at home or overseas. 

It is especially important during this time to remember them and reflect on the sacrifices that many have made for us. 

We also wish to pay our respects to members of the Victoria Police Force and share with them in their sudden loss. 

Many of us are enduring trying times and it is good to know that there are heart-warming stories of members of our community supporting each other. 

ANZAC DAY is a very important day for our community and as a mark of respect this year our wonderful music students have come together to pay tribute in the best way they can. You will be able to view and hear them at KWRSC marches in isolation to honour the ANZACs. This is available through You Tube, our College website and our College Facebook page. Kooweerup Secondary College always marches in the annual Melbourne ANZAC Parade. Because the march has been cancelled this year, students, staff and ex-students from all over including Sydney, Canberra, Paris and Melbourne have sent in videos. Together we mark the 75th anniversary of the end of World War 2. We honour the 39th Battalion with the March “Sussex by the Sea” which its members trained to before being sent to New Guinea in 1942. 

We hope you enjoy and reflect on the experience. 

The compilation is also an example of the amazing work that our staff and students are undertaking using digital platforms to engage with each other. 

I have been blown away by the way my staff and students are embracing new technologies to teach and learn together. 

I would like to thank the community for the wonderful messages of support that have been coming into the college. 

We also understand that we do not always get things perfectly right; however, we are responding to any concerns raised and thank you for your continued patience when matters arise. 

I would also like to remind or community that when engaging with my staff, please be mindful that it is done in a respectful manner and at an appropriate time. Unfortunately we have had a small number of cases where my staff have had to deal with unwelcome comments from parents while they have been conducting a lesson. My staff operate in a workplace and as such we ask our parent community to respect the fact that it is a workplace. 

These are very trying times for all of us as a community and I ask everyone to focus on being kind to each other. 

Each day brings us a step closer to reuniting with each other. 

Thanks with gratitude 

Felix Patton, Principal 


We have created a new section on the College website called REMOTE LEARNING. When you click on the heading, it will take you to sections with all the latest information and advice about learning from home, the programs our teachers are using, talking to students about wellbeing issues and copies of all the newsletters we have been sending out. 


When remote learning started the department announced that it would be providing devices and dongles to families in need. We submitted our list to the department as did all other schools. The 

department has now found that there is a far greater need than expected. We are going to be told next week what devices and dongles are going to be allocated to us. They have already warned us that there are definitely not enough dongles to go around. They have put in an order for additional dongles and say that it will take several weeks for the additional supplies to arrive. In the meantime our computer technicians are doing a wonderful job trying to help all students with technical problems. We have been able to give some families devices with priority going to Year 12 but we are waiting on the department to provide many more. 

Many families are experiencing problems with bandwidth, particularly where there are several people in a home wanting to access the internet. 

Please note that if you are with Telstra or Optus they are offering at no cost an extension to your bandwidth for a short period of time. Details can be found at:


As stated on the forms, Facebook page and the website, applications are due in by Monday the 4th of May. However the entrance exam has been moved to Saturday July 18th. 

The application forms are online on the school website in the SEAL page. 


Providing that students are back at school by term 3, we have now arranged for the 2020 school photos to be taken on Monday July 20th. More details to come closer to the date. 


Parents/Guardians, KWRSC has an arrangement with a local community agency to provide food to the college for use in our Breakfast Club Program. Obviously at this time we have very few students at the college and the program IS NOT RUNNING. It would be unfortunate to let the food go to waste so we have prepared 27 Food Packages available to KWRSC families. 

Packages include: milk, a tin of fruit and a little fruit, cereal, baked beans, spaghetti, soup, vegemite and honey. There might be some variations so some packages may have additional items. 

The process would be that interested families would contact the college and let us know that they can pick up a package. Tell us when you arrive in the carpark directly outside the office and someone will bring a package out and put it in the boot of your car (without contact). If you do not have transport other arrangements (e.g. direct pick up from the office) can be made. 

Note: Pick-ups will be on a first come/first served basis until all packages have been distributed. We will get another delivery in early May so we’ll let you know when they arrive and repeat the process. 

Tim Ward, Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator 


As does happen during normal times, some students may be ill and unable to do the online work for a period of time. It may be that a student has an injury or is temporarily going to a place without internet access. Please follow the arrangements that we would normally use if your child was at school. Send a message via COMPASS explaining what the problem is and how long the student will be unable to do school work. If you wish to discuss the matter further, please contact the child’s House Group teacher or Learning Community Leader via COMPASS/email. 

For students doing VCE or VCAL subjects: if this problem is relevant to a Year 11 or 12 student, please contact Tania Miller, Assistant Principals Ben Gwynne or Leonie McGinley via email to discuss the situation. 


We have had some families contacting us to let us know that their children are struggling with aspects of online learning. We will follow similar arrangements to what we would use if students were attending school. If you are worried about how your child is doing, please contact the relevant subject teacher or level coordinator via COMPASS. Work can be modified, additional advice can be provided, as required. If class teachers find that students are not engaging with their schoolwork, they will contact parents/guardians via COMPASS/email/phone to discuss the situation. Where necessary, Learning Community Leaders and the Assistant Principals may also be involved in helping to resolve the situation. 

A NOTE ABOUT MS TEAMS: Teams is the main platform being used by our staff to connect with a class of students at one time. It may be that a student is overwhelmed by being observed by a large group in this space or feels too exposed by raising their concerns in front of the group. In this situation, please let the student know that they can contact their teachers individually via COMPASS and discuss their concerns without an audience or they can send a private message via Teams. Parents are also welcome to contact the relevant staff member via COMPASS and discuss the situation. 


The school will still be open each school day during normal school hours to support students in the following categories: 

? Students who cannot be supervised at home and no other arrangements can be made. This will be available for children of parents who cannot work from home – for example this would apply to parents who work in essential services 

? Students in vulnerable situations who would be better placed at school 

? For learning requirements that cannot be conducted via distance, small groups of VCE and VCAL students are permitted to attend school, with appropriate physical distancing and hygiene measures in place. Both parents and students will be notified in advance when this will take place. 

If you require your child to attend school THERE IS A FORM WHICH HAS TO BE COMPLETED, by Thursday of the week before, so that we can plan for how many staff we need on site – as the majority of staff are working from home. Please contact the General office on 59971444 and they will email a form out to you. 


? All students still have to wear full school uniform and follow school polices. 

? When students arrive they must first sign in at the COMPASS kiosk at the front office and then report to an Assistant Principal. 

? Students should bring their books and their computer devices with them. 

? When on-site learning is provided, hand sanitiser will be available at the entry points to classrooms and education will be provided on hand hygiene. 

? Physical distancing will be implemented in classrooms to the extent feasible and unwell students will be excluded from attending. 

? The learning program delivered on-site will be the same as the learning program delivered to students undertaking remote learning. Students learning on-site will be supervised by an on-site teacher but follow the teaching and learning program provided by their classroom teachers. 

? Class sizes will be no more than a ratio of 1:10. 

? The school canteen will be closed for term 2 and students will not be able to go down the street to purchase food. Students will need to bring food and drink with them to school. This includes Year 12s. 

? The Year Level lockers will not be used during term 2. A room is set aside as a temporary storage area for students’ things. Mobile phones must be left in bags in this storage area and students are not allowed to use them during the day. 

? To ensure consistency with physical distancing measures, students and families will not be permitted to congregate at the school gate before or after school and will be required to maintain 1.5 metres between persons as far as is practicable on entering and leaving the school grounds.