Kooweerup Higher Elementary School commenced in 1952 in a wooden building of eight rooms which had served as a primary school.  Following much work and pressure from the community, Kooweerup High School was established in 1957 with an enrolment of 164 pupils.

Many activities have been established which now form traditional parts of the life of the College.  Features of the yearly calendar are the House Music Festival, the School Musical, the Debutante Ball, the school dances, House  Swimming and Athletics Carnivals, Inter-School Sport and the Blackfish Oratory Competition.


2015 Learning Communities are introduced throughout the College as the school is reorganised. Each Community has a team of teachers led by a Learning Community Leader and two assistants. The House system continues to be used for pastoral care and co curricular activities.The new Year 8 Learning Centre is completed in May.
2014 Following on from $7 million being allocated to the school for modernisation works, two new buildings are completed: the Year 7 Learning Centre and the Years 10,11 and 12 Learning Centre. The ancient Canteen is also replaced by a state of the art new Canteen and sit down Cafeteria.IPads are now used in placed of most textbooks in Years 7, 8 and 9. EBooks replace paper.
2013 Student numbers start to slowly drop as part of a deliberate plan to limit enrolments. Year 7 students start using ipads with eBooks in place of textbooks. Chinese is introduced as a subject at Year 7.The National Curriculum is introduced across Years 7 to 10 and SEAL becomes a four year program. Hockey Field renovated with an artificial surface. Bus Park redone.
2012 February: Student population reaches highest level in school’s history – 1081. Decision made that we want the school to get smaller!College Vice Captains introduced alongside College Captains plus new Captains of the Performing Arts, Sport, ICT and Sustainability. The SRC is relaunched and a new Student Leadership documentation program is introduced.All students in Years 10, 11 and 12 are provided with Netbook computers.VET Sport and Recreation is introduced as a subject.


The College Band goes on tour to London where it plays at Westminster Abbey and to France where it plays in Paris and at Fromelles on the Western Front.

The Band wins first place as best school band in the ANZAC Day march in the city.

For the first time parents making bookings on line for parent teacher interviews.


Flooding in the Kooweerup area leads to the school being officially evacuated and a temporary HQ being set up at the Cardinia Cultural centre in Pakenham.

For the first time students select senior school subjects on line.


The College introduces its own Hands on Learning program.

Work starts on a Masterplan for creating new teaching and learning spaces using $7 million promised by the State government.

August: The House Athletics are held offsite for the first time at Casey Fields and are a great success.

September: The cast of school musical KISSES, an original show by teacher Damien Mizzi, wins the City of Casey ‘Schools on Stage’ competition against other government and private schools.

October:  Athletics team wins the Divisional Athletics. Michael Hansford state champion in 100m and 200m.

November: Year 8 Super 8s cricket team runner up State Champions.

All staff are provided with ipads.

The Student Management Tool is introduced.

2011 February:The school population passes 1000 for the first time.SMS text messaging is introduced to notify parents of student absences – leads to a dramatic decrease in student absenteeism!October: Athletics team wins the Divisional Athletics. Another ‘Golden Year’: students are State Champions in Mountain bike riding, Junior Netball and Junior Cross Country.
2010 Mr Kym Bridgford is appointed Principal of the College.
2009 The Vertical House system is introduced with House Directors, House Leaders and House Group teachers looking after student management and pastoral care – in place of level coordinators, form teachers and sub schools.  The covered tennis courts area is established with a Federal government grant.
2008 Mr Geoff Pledge retires as Principal.
2007 We celebrated the 50th anniversary of the official opening of Kooweerup High School with a weekend of activities attended by over 1500 people. Prior to that it was a Higher Elementary School, and before then a primary school. Year 7 Learning Centre opens.
2006 New staff rooms, new Home Economics room and new commercial kitchen completed.    YAC (Youth Action Committee) established.‘A Golden Year’ – school wins 5 gold medals at the Victorian Secondary Schools Sports Association Athletics championships.
2005 Kooweerup Secondary College joins the Leading Schools Fund program.New school toilets and locker rooms opened. New Administration area completed.The College offers VET Hospitality and Music in the curriculum for Year 10 and 11 students. VCAL extended to Years 10 and 12.
2004 VCAL program introduced at Year 11.
2003 Kooweerup Secondary College and the primary schools in the ‘Swamp’ cluster join the Innovations and Excellence program.New library, community rooms and woodwork room opened.
1996 $250,000 spent installing new computers and upgrading existing networks.  Students are given access to the internet at school for the first time.
1995 The venue for the annual Deb Ball is changed from the school hall to a reception centre.The College successfully wins funding with four other schools to set up the Casey Science and Technology Centre Project.
1994 The College becomes a ‘School of the Future’ and develops its first College Charter.The Band is placed third in its section in the Australian National Band Championships.Girls’ football is introduced as a sport. Senior Boys and Girls Netball teams come second in the Victorian Championships.
1993 New structure of College Council introduced.A mini-school structure is introduced with a Junior School, Middle School and Senior School.  The band is awarded the VSMA trophy for the ‘most memorable’ performance at the Melbourne Bands competition.
1992 First major purchase of computers for the school.First Annual Presentation Night held with the introduction of scholarships provided by local businesses and organisations.The Parents Association sets up a perpetual citizenship scholarship to commemorate Yvonne Kerr’s dedication to the school and the community.The VCE is now a two year program.$320,000 worth of maintenance work done, including painting of virtually the whole school inside and out and purchase of new classroom furniture.
1991 Mr B Whitehead is appointed Principal.The new VCE is introduced at Year 11.The Band competes in the State Band Championships for the first time and is placed first in its section at the Dandenong Festival of the Arts.
1990 Mrs J Burch retires as Principal at the end of term 1. Mr G Pledge is acting Principal for the remainder of the year. Kooweerup High School becomes Kooweerup Secondary College. 
1989 First Whizz Bang Week held.
1988 First Reading and Writing Festival held.
1987 Kooweerup Secondary College and its feeder primary schools successfully win funding to join the School Community Development Program.
1986 The ‘Swamp’ Network is established. 
1984 Mrs J Burch is appointed Principal.New Arts/Crafts centre completed.Instrumental Music and Band program starts.
1983 Mr I.G. Matheson is appointed relieving Principal followed Mr Hooper’s retirement.
1979 Senior annexe destroyed by fire. F. C. Hooper Hall officially opened in February.The Kooweerup High School Theatre Group established in March and the first school musical is held.
1978 F.C. Hooper hall built. Work Experience program starts.
1977 New front wing completed: offices, library, Home Economics centre.Blocking system introduced for Forms 3 and 4 and for craft for the first four years.
1975 New Science block completed.
1974 Nearly half the school is burnt down including the front wing, in forty minutes.
1972 First Debutante ball held and following the presentation of the couples they danced the Maxina.New hockey field established behind the canteen.New extensions to the canteen opened.‘Drama Festival’ started with the production of ‘The Shifting Heart’.
1971 Parents’ Association becomes the ‘Parents, Teachers and Citizens Association’.10  week Modern Miss Grooming Course introduced.The lady teachers’ flat caught fire –  so much for radiators in bathrooms.The Prefects Investiture was moved to the   Church of England hall instead of being held in the usual place at the front of the school, because of the extreme heat.
1969 New wing with gym and classrooms built. Form 6 Annexe established.
1966 First school tour – to Tasmania. Queen Carnival replaces the annual school fete.
1965 489 students. New wing is built with Science rooms and general classrooms; Devon Meadows and Five Ways added to the Kooweerup school zone.Last year that Pakenham primary school students were within the Kooweerup zone.
1964 490 students and some classes are held in the RSL and Memorial hall because there aren’t enough classrooms; Matriculation class established.Last time Swimming Sports held at  the Lang Lang foreshore baths.
1963 F. C. Hooper is appointed Principal. 426 students.
1961 280 students.   Mr A.H. Morris is appointed Principal.Four school houses created: Bass, Flinders, Mawson, Sturt.School bus run started to bring students from Pakenham to Kooweerup.Maths and Science now available after Form IV.School oval constructed at a cost of 5000 pounds.
1960 There are 273 students. Academic and Commercial subjects available up to Form IV and  Humanities up to Form V. Students who wanted to study Maths and Science beyond Form  IV transferred to Dandenong or Warragul High Schools due to staffing shortages.Monthly school assemblies are held in the local Church of England hall.Kooweerup Primary School moves to its own site in Moody Street.
1959 Semester reports introduced.
1958 196 students. First edition of the ‘Blackfish’ school magazine.Domestic Arts centre, Art and Science rooms completed.Kooweerup High wins the combined schools athletics competition.
1953         Kooweerup Primary School becomes Kooweerup Higher Elementary School with 180 students – 15 students in senior classes.School Houses are Bunyip and Western.First edition of the school newspaper “Koo-ee’.
1950 Primary school buildings destroyed by fire.
1910 Kooweerup Primary School moves to present secondary college site.
1903 Name changed to Kooweerup Primary School.
1884 Yallock Primary School opens with two rooms attached as the teachers’ quarters.



Ten Commandments for Schoolgirls by Ann Beveridge Form III 1957 include:

  • Thou shalt have no other socks but grey
  • Thou shalt not satisfy thy hunger in the street
  • Thou shalt keep thine ears being mistaken for fingers by wearing no earrings
  • Thou shalt wear thy hat provided it is not studded with rhinestones or decorated with ostrich feathers


From the school newspaper April 1953:

  • There were enough desks for about half the children. Thus, on the first morning most of us, teachers included, stood up.
  • Form duties were ink, cleaning and decorating. Each room had to have a vase of flowers.
  • Students’ Court was held and two students were awarded extra duties for behaviour unbecoming to members of the school.
  • Mosquitoes, glutted on human blood, grew to enormous sizes, and around the school, flies and insects lay dead in thousands.


Letter from D.C. Streader, District Inspector, published in the first edition of the school newspaper April 1953:

 “And YOU, girls and boys, are the first to use this new school. There is a glory in being FIRST. In years to come you will look back with great satisfaction, and, I hope, say proudly, ‘I went to that school the year the new school opened.”

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